Today sucked! The weather was horrible so “practice” was inside and in a space too small for all of us. I earned a black eye from XII when I shoved him out of the way. I guess that’s interesting? So I spent the whole day in bed listening to music or playing video games. I don’t feel all that great…stupid earache. Being sick always puts me in a bad mood and the guys didn’t help that when I could hear them arguing over what movie to watch.

They couldn’t decide on either The Ring, The Proposal, Lion King or Nightmare on Elm Street. Everyone in this house is a big scary movie fan except for IV. They argued for ten minutes, not joking until I went down there and shut them up. I grabbed the movies they were arguing over and put in X Men First Class, went to get some ice cream and went back to my room to play one of my favorite video games. Spyro Riptos Rage. Yes I know it’s an old game, but it’s awesome!

Think I’m goanna go re watch some Soul Eater and go to bed!

Signing off


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