Why do you refuse to leave my mind???

Wow, first post!!!

I’ve never tried anything like this so this would be my first time writing a journal or even online journal for that matter.

It’s very weird…it happens almost everyday and every night but I guess over time, I’m getting used to this feeling. Everyday I go around doing my everyday tasks and everything seems fine. It was like she had never entered my life and never gave me my first heartbreak. Then comes the night and all I think about is her…. It was like all the effort and time that I put into pushing away thoughts of her in the day comes back at night and doubles itself. I hear her in every songs that I listened to, in every Facebook post that I come across and sometimes in the lifeless objects that reminded me of the past: the time when she was still my best friend, my crush, my thoughts, my life, my world and my everything. I’m so helpless…I’m a clueless romantic 🙁

3 thoughts on “Why do you refuse to leave my mind???”

  1. Was she your girlfriend viv?? If so I can totally relate to you. But just keep in mind that there are always going to be things, like songs, places foods, or even jokes that are going to remind us of that special someone. Take it as a beautiful memory not a sad curse.

  2. nah she was my crush 🙂 thanks and yeah I realize that there are always things that reminds us of people, it’s just she was someone I’d rather not be reminded of ya know….at least at the moment :/

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