Senior Project

I think I suck at everything. Not really. I feel so…pressured. It’s all my fault that I feel this way though. My school requires a shit ton of things in order for a student to graduate. Not really. I don’t know what I’m talking about. Let me go back to what I was saying. My English 12 teacher assigns my senior project. We have to write about a passion that we have. Or a career that you plan to have. I understand that a person was supposed to be thinking about these things and figuring out their life in your junior year of High School but, I’m one of those people that just take life as it comes. Plus I procrastinate. Anyway, I understand that, so the assignment should have been easy to do. But for me, the assignment was hard. Very very very difficult. He gave us the project a month ago. I was supposed to turn it in 2 days ago. I haven’t even started. God….I’m so stupid.

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