I hate being sick, but I hate people finding out about it even more. Because then all they’ll do is want to baby me I hate that! So even though I felt and still feel worse than crap I went outside and “practice” with everyone for our daily torture and nobody suspected a thing. That is, until I threw up. III offered to drive me to urgent care while VII carried me to my room and asked me if I needed blankets, food, water anything and everything else that came into his mind.

I guess I should be grateful that they care about me so much. And I’m pretty sure that me being the youngest and the only girl played it’s part! I’m being forced by everyone to go to the doctor tomorrow and to rest. No “practice.” Seriously?! It’s not a big deal, all I did was throw up. It’s not like I died or anything. Though, the sooner this pain stops, the sooner I can go back outside and “practice!”

Signing off


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