Week 8 Journal Entry 8

Being a military girlfriend can be a hard thing to do at times. reason being is because of the fact that you can’t see or talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend as much as you’d like to. Not hearing from your Boyfriend/girlfriend for weeks, months even years can be one hell of a challenge to face because your whole mood starts to change, and the happy/bubbly person you once used to be is gone until you hear from your boyfriend/girlfriend again. As the days go by and you don’t continue to hear from your boyfriend/girlfriend you then start to worry if they’re ok or if something bad has happened to them. Its been 1 week since I’ve spoken to my boyfriend Corey. Sometimes it gets really hard for me to stay strong for not hearing from him for so long. But I know that where ever he is that he misses me and thinks about me as much as I think about him. All I gotta do is keep reminding myself to stay strong and that sooner or later I will get to hear from him.

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