Already Feeling Better!

I feel so much better today! Went to the doctor and now I have to choke on pills the size of a donkey! …Ok that was a bit of an exaggeration but those things are pretty huge. And of course the weather is going to be nice on the weekend in the 80s! So I is going to let us go out and have a day to ourselves. So nice of him! He never lets us leave the house (with our yard being the exception) What should I do? Hmmm…something awesome of course! I think I’ll go help an old friend start up her garden and help out with the chickens. That’s always interesting.

The last time I went down there she literally chased me around the yard with a dead baby chicken trying to make me touch it. I don’t want to touch a dead chicken, unless it’s dinner. Oh and she had one of her relatives record the whole thing! She’s my best friend so I love her. After all, we’ve been through a lot together over the twelve years we’ve known each other.

Or I might go shopping for some summer clothes. I need to find some shorts even though I do not look good in them. I need to get a tan. Anyone a SpongeBob fan? Did you see the movie? Remember the part when the king took the bag off his head and the whole room was super bright and everyone was screaming? Multiply that by two and you have my legs! Going to watch some PewdiePie before I go to sleep tonight.

Signing off


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