I’m done

Dear Diary, My eyes are in pain from crying so hard , My head feels like it is going to explode , My heart literally hurts and my stomach is in sharp pain from anxiety. I’m  hurt and the pain is deep. I’m sorry to all the people I have ”let down” I simply just don’t care anymore. They hurt me so bad…..why do they care now? Don’t call me, don’t ask how I am…you know the answer, Stop asking me over for dinner, Stop fighting with me, Just stop it, you wanna play pretend??….you made me this way…you caused me this pain I will take it from here. I am not intentionally trying to fuck everything up it’s my depression taking over my life and I am trying to fight off the pain and  mask on a smile but it isn’t easy. I cry more in one day then the average person does a year I can’t control it.  I’ve been used  so much… I have nothing to offer anymore…I am weak and lifeless trying so hard ……so go find someone else to take from go find someone else to take your anger out on I am done.

2 thoughts on “I’m done”

  1. I assumed that you are going through a lot and i hope this things will not be the reason for you to lost hope and give up…
    I may not be in the same situation as yours but i also can feel your sadness and pains because i also gone through a lot in life and i used it to be more stronger.
    Don’t let them break you and pull you apart..

    ….no matter how deep the pain you felt just keep on standing and be strong.

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