Two Days of Hell!

Lets just start with the day before yesterday! As I was driving to my class, it was about 730pm when the coach USA bus makes a stop in front of me. So since it wasn’t a school bus I  slowly made a slight left around the bus. As I passed it my music was so loud I didn’t realize till afterwards that my passenger mirror was clearly gone. I was so scared I was shaking I didn’t know what to do! I then stop on the side of the street n hesitated, I had never had something like this happen to me. I called my husband to tell him what happened.  When he picked up nothing but a lie came out my mouth. I was afraid what he would say, knowing this was the only vehicle we possesed n it already needed work done on it. I told him while I was in traffic a truck/bus thing swiped me on the passenger side and just kept going.  So what was a mistake or guess in space between me going around the bus  gone wrong turned into a hit and run. Generally I am an honest person but I couldn’t bear to say im the reason why he’ll have to pay yet another bill because of me, its bad enough I’ve been unemployed for a year. I already feel I’m not pulling my weight if you know what I mean, layoffs are so unfortunate.

Today was horrible!  We stayed in the house while out side in NY was 75 degees outside, which is awesome since all its been doing is rainning. I washed clothes n cleaned up after our 2year old n my husband all day. The highlights of my night were watching the season finale of “Vikings” which I love and eating a McFlurry from McDonald’s custody my Sister in-law. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to write about my disaster of two days, it’s 6am I better get some sleep.



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