Last night skate was awesome!

The first Road Rave this year last night. I was worried about raining but it wasn’t rain enough to cancel the skating. We got 25 people gathered up at Daley Center and skated around city for 2 hours. It was crazy fun. Skating makes me feel good and skating with people in the city makes me feel even better. We had a lot of fun skating around city for 10 miles. I also got to visit Pilson that I have never been. The new restaurant was okay that giving out lots of nuts. The only thing the CTA on the way back had some problem which made me stay on the train station for an hour at 12:30 AM.

Well great night! Today, I worked on the internet again to make it faster and it seems to be working pretty good so far! Met Damon and Brian for the game for an hour. Took half of the money for the project and will get another half when I done. Went to skating again at the lake after. It’s 6:33 PM, had to go out for dinner with my friend.

Have great weekend everyone!

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