Not Peaches or Cream

Marriage is definitely not something to be taken lightly.  I know we see celebrities getting married, divorced then remarried as if it was as easy as switching to a new pair of shoes. From a personal point of view my Husband and I go thru these rough patches then after we are bestfriends again. Its a vicious cycle of butting heads and horrible disagreements. I do have to say we are much better off in our fouth year of marriage then in out first “terrible two’s”. My husand Andy is 6 years older than I am and we got married when I was a couple months away from 24 years old. I knew then that when I first met him that he was the one, yet didn’t think our relationship would unfold the way it did. Through a seris of unfortunate lies and events I broke up with him after 2years of dating. Told him I couldn’t see him any longer if he didn’t want to be truthful and respect what we had. We keep in touch for a year through text messages it seemed like everyday.Even then I knew we were ment for each other but I stood my ground. Eventually we got bck together and now we have been together 8 years, out of that 8 we have been married for four.It hasn’t been easy but every bit was worth it. What I am trying to say is that if we decided to love some one just from feelings alone we would be on a emotional roller coaster but Love is a choice, when we choose to love by choice we have a little more control of our emotions. Just alittle marriage advice, don’t sweat the small stuff, enjoy your spoue; never go to bed upset cause you’ll wake up with a different version of events from the day before which only makes things worse.Stay calm amd just Love. ♥♥♥♥

3 thoughts on “Not Peaches or Cream”

  1. I assumed that you are going through a lot and i hope this things will not be the reason for you to lost hope and give up…
    I may not be in the same situation as yours but i also can feel your sadness and pains because i also gone through a lot in life and i used it to be more stronger.
    Don’t let them break you and pull you down.

    ….no matter how deep the pain you felt just keep on standing and be strong.

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