Sweaters and Crystals

Hey. This is my very very first journal, so I really don’t know how this works. But anyway, here I go.

Nothing unusual happened today actually. But I did say in my bio that at least everyday something happens. Well today something did happened. Though it’s not unusual. Today, a girl whom I used to trust likes the guy who I currently like. Well, I’m basically in love with him. Wait, no no no. Love is too strong, let’s say… I’m crazy over this guy. Well no not really.  His name is Corbin. He’s your typical alternative guy. Though, I never imagined myself going for a guy like Corbin. 

I like him. Well… ugh I’m debating again. See, I like him, but not as much as I did before. So I guess I have tiny bits of feelings for him. 

Back to where I was. So my “friend” Bri (I really don’t like her because I’m currently a bit mad at her for telling this guy that I was talking about him. It’s true, but what made me mad was that she pretended like she didn’t hear anything . But she did and lied. I really don’t like liars) likes Corbin. She knew I used to like him. But I did tell everybody that I don’t like him anymore. It’s kind of true, but some itty bitty feelings are there. I always try to push them away, but they come up at weird times.

The thing is, I liked Corbin a lot at the beginning of the school year. A LOT. I kept flirting with him, dressed up nicely for him, did everything I could to stop and talk to him. Some people knew I liked him. Mainly my friends. Towards Christmas, I told him I like him, and he told me he likes me. There were butterflies ever since. And like the last day before Christmas break, I gave him like a 30$-40$ black comfy sweater for Christmas. I just felt like getting him something. Once I gave it to him, he scolded me for not telling him that I was going to get him a present. So her wrote all over his arm saying “Give Bee a Christmas present once we get back”. And he wore the sweater the rest of the day and walked me everywhere. 

When we got back from our break, he gave me a crystal bracelet, and a crystal necklace that matched with a pair of crystal earrings. Iwas not expecting that so I scolded him for getting me an expensive gift. He talked the rest of the week, and suddenly,  he stopped talking to me. He stopped wearing the sweater I gave him and the jacket I like on him (Which is my favorite color blue). Though, I kept wearing the necklace and earringss. I lost the bracelet at one point and I cried for a bit because he would probably be mad. So I didn’t say anything and kept wearing the necklace and bracelet. 

And on one day where I decided to look all nice, dressed up, and pretty, he dates one of my friends. I yanked off the necklace and earrings (They’re aren’t broken don’t worry) and planned on throwing it at his face once he is alone. Cause you know, I didn’t feel right to be hurt by a guy saying he likes you and then the next few days dates one of your friends. I felt like crying. But I found no reason to cry, so I decided to ignore him for a while.

Now it’s May. Jesus. He only worn the sweater once, and wore my favorite jacket a couple of times. He is currently dating a 7th grader (I’m in 8th, I’m promoting in three weeks). I do have SOME feelings for him. But not as much as before. Now my friend Bri likes him. And my other friend, but we don’t have much history. I can’t but help it feel slightly jealous of that one 7th grader and Bri. But I’ll be okay. I like another guy much more than Corbin. *wink wink*

Kind of cute that Corbin is wearing blue more often. Cute. Just cute.

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