Living in a house with all boys

So as you know there are XIII people living in this house (not including me) and they are all boys. Now most people would think oh you’re so lucky! You get to live in a house filled with hot guys! Yes, a few of them are pretty cute I’m not telling who though! But things are a lot worse than what you may think.

I. Laundry Day

Every Sunday is laundry day and we all take turns on who is in charge of washing, drying and folding. Yes this includes underwear. You’d think I would let me do my own laundry, but no! Everything has to be his way. So now every time one of the guys finds a pair of my underwear or bras, they make fun of me by putting them on (over their clothes of course) Should I be concerned about this?

II. Privacy

This is obviously self explanatory, but I have a story. So I was in the shower just minding my own business WITH THE DOOR LOCKED! Might I add. V breaks down the door, literally breaks it yells a sorry over my surprised screaming, and then…well…let’s just say Taco Bell is to blame. He doesn’t flush and walks away with the door wide open! Men are gross!

III. Razors And Toothbrushes

We may be close, but I don’t want to share my toothbrush with other people! Do you know how many I’ve had to buy because people keep using them? I don’t even know! And the razors, seriously?! I caught X using my razor to shave his face!…Though I probably deserved that one because I used his to shave my legs. It was an accident I swear!


They never put it down and never flush. I’m I the only one who didn’t see the toilet seat was up and sat down and whoever used it before me didn’t flush! Oh I wanted to punch every single one of them! Boys can be really gross sometimes.

Signing off



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