Back To Wairarapa!

We applied for work on smaller farms which had not been affected by the

floods – but we did not care for the contracts or the conditions. Craig and Lia

were ‘contracted’ to be sole-charge Managers/ employers, on three farms in

Masterton-Carterton area.They asked David if he would go with them, David

came home to ask me, knowing that I despised the Wairarapa – but I had said

yes because:

Sonya & Malcolm were going to be married in the next year,

it would only be for a year,

and Masterton is closer to Wellington than Bulls is.


So we moved to Masterton in the Wairarapa with Craig & Leah, which is about

two hours or so north-east of Wellington – by way of the Rimutaka gorge.

(If you want to give yourself a fright for 20 minutes, drive through that gorge

when there’s a Wellington gale blowing and where the road winds up and over

the Rimutaka mountain range!) It is so scarey!!

Dylan crossed that gorge in his boy-racer car, in 11 minutes. I timed him as I

was in the car too. I know! I’m an awful mother, encouraging a young man to

speed so, but really, it didn’t take much encouragement;

Anyway – these cars perform best at speed!! We had done Wellington in just over

an hour and 15 minutes.


Our first month in Masterton, the Ruamahanga River burst it’s banks twice, and

my home was surrounded by water, both times. Thankfully, it didnt get into the

house, but I still haven’t worked out, why not??!! Water all around the house,

water which came half-way up the bike tires – house built on a low level concrete

slab, floors the same level as the carport which was covered in water – How did

it not get into my house??


I was on the telephone to my mum one morning – and went to pull the drapes

back – and there it all was! River water all the way to the hills. I got such a fright

I dropped the phone. We arrived there in the middle of the rainy season June

2004.(Still my 50th birthday, year!)

(After Bulls, we felt that we could face anything!!)

We had only been in Masterton for 3 months when we realised that David was

unwell. We traced the beginning for his unwellness back to Bulls – and figured that

he must have caught an infection while working amongst all those flood waters.

He was also suffering from exhaustion, however life doesn’t give you time to rest

after throwing thunderbolts at you, unfortunately


Also, during this time in Masterton, we had to let our oldest cat, Trina – go! It really

broke our hearts because her eyes were bright and she was so full of fight!… but the

condition was a creeping paralysis, which grew worse and worse, so on the second day,

when her eyes were filled with pain, we had to allow the vet to give her an injection.

David and I held her and sobbed as she was put to sleep. It hurt so badly.

We missed her for months & months. We had her cremated and have her ashes under

one of my rose bushes in a gigantic pot, and I still miss her badly!




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