Cinco de Mayo

May 5th

also known as my dads anniversary with my bitch step mom, ugh i hate my dad so much, he could die and i couldnt think twice about it. no one will ever really know or understand why. but i’ll try to explain best as possible. my dad abused me every since my mom and him got a divorce. i was 7 at that time and it was just me and him living together. everytime i told someone that he abused me he always came up with something, like that i ran away or tried to start a fire. stupid shit that never really happened. i think he was just trying to make it seem like i was the liar. i will always be know as a liar because of him. as of yesterday it been exactly 4 months since ive seen him and my little sister. My little sister is my pride and joy. Ill show a picture! she is adorable and i love her more than anything. But i havent seen her or talked to her in 4 months and that is really hard for me. you see she is my half sister so its not like my mom can just take her. I miss her so much. i cry sometimes at night just thinking about her. Why havent i seen her or my dad recently? well something happened. it brought me over the edge so it was super bowl sunday Feburary 2nd (also 2 days before my dads birthday) my mom was out of town for the week so i was staying at his house. so we always go to this superbowl party with old friends of ours. and i had been really excited all week to go so it took me 2 hours to get ready cause i wanted to look good and have fun. we got there and not even half way through the first quarter my dad comes to me and says “i dont feel good, lets go.” and i was like no you go and i can find a ride home. (we were with good friends so it wasnt a problem) and he said no we are all leaving now. i was so pissed off. when we were driving i noticed that we were right next to my friends house. so i asked if i could hang out at her house until the game is over. he said no. (this is when everything turned to shit) i PRENTENED to turn the wheel. (remember my 3 year old sister is in the back seat.) and then he hit my head and grabbed my hair and pulled really hard. he breaked really hard so i would hit my head on the dash board. then i tried to open the door but i couldnt reach cause he was still holding on to my hair. i got the door open and he tried to speed up to close the door but my foot was in the way of the door to close. he breaked really hard again pushed me out of the car  and then i looked at him and said FUCK YOU he drove off. but stopped got out to see if his car was ok and then drove off to his house. i then walked to my friends house it was only 5 minutes away. I cried the whole knowing that my little sister saw the whole thing and worrying if he does that to her. I got to my friends house and then called the police and reported child abuse. the police came knocking on the door only to find out my dad had called to police to. He told them i was trying to runaway. know can you please explain to me which part was me running away? Him pushing me out of the car or him driving off? He made the police take me home in the police car cause he was too much of a fucking pussy to come get me himself. then when i got there my step mom slapped me and told me to get the fuck out of her house. what the fuck do you think i was doing at my friends house? so then my friend came and i stayed at her house until my mom came back from her trip. I have since then been known as a liar and that according to him he has never touched me. I told blocked him on everything and got a new phone number and pushed him out of my life and i hope it stays that way. He found my number recently and keeps texting me asking me to go on vacation with him and shit. thats cute dad. we may have the same blood but he will never be my dad. Dad if you are reading this and i know you arent but if you are, please die a long painful death. this is just one of the many events that i have “”RANWAY”” -S

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