My Tragic Story

i was in grade 8 at the time.. only 14 years old.. my 4 friends (Alexa, Bianca, Hieke and Caitlyn) and i met this guy named lloyd… Alexa started dating him, and we started spending weekends with him, not long after this we met his ”family” (his step dad mostly) i cant tell you much about our time there, because i dont remember half of it..

Okay, well us girls were under the impression that Llpyds step father (trevor) was what you would call a ”cool dad”   after about 3 or 4 weeks we found out the truth… he would drug his wife, and three young kids aged (2, 7 and 11) to sleep at night, so that we could all come over and ”chill” keep in mind we were still oblivious to this… Trevor would help us bunk school, and take us to parties, buy us booze, etc..

One night Lloyd told us to sneak out and him and Trevor would come and fetch us and we could go chill at there house..  when we got there, everything was fine, we were enjoying our selves.. but not for long.. soon after we arrived Trevor took out knives and shit, and made us take cocaine, sleeping tablets and alot of other tablets… we were all so scared that we took them (i mean wouldnt you, with a knife held to your throat)


i dont remember ,much of that night except broken images of the police station and the hospital…. this happened almost 3 years ago, so my memory is even more fuzzy now.. (forgive me)


well just to make a long story short, a court case was opened against him, and we found out that he raped 2 of my friends including his own children… on the first court case 3 years ago, we  found out that he has over 18 cases opened against him, for rape, abuse, child molest, etc.. the youngest child he raped was 3 months old.. (what a sick bastard!!!)


anyways i have court tomorrow, so i thought it might help me out to speak about my story…


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