Wolves in Sheep’s clothing

Often I think back on the Fiendship that went south. All of the unpleasant situations I had to overlook and try to rationalize in my mind, making excuses for her blatant disrespect for me and my marriage. Years before I got married we were long time friends since Jr.High School. Kandice was about A year younger than I. We did everything together, Parties, Guys and we even worked together. Looking back on it I should have seen the red flags, but when someone is as close to you as she was you never want to believe that they would do you wrong. one of the signs was that all of my other friends did not like her which made me nervous about bringing her around others. We shared a lot of personal hobbies and similar interest but in the same we were very different. A lot of people looked at her as loud, ghetto and hood trash, even though I thought the world of her, she was like a sister to me. She was always talking about people always the negative things nothing ever good. We can be out in public walking in the mall she could see someone probably not as well dressed as her and she would say something negative like “ill look at that outfit”. She was very superficial. She would always tell me how she looked up to me, how she didn’t know what she would do without me and how she always thought I looked better than her then she did. Obviously she had low self esteem because she was a beautiful woman in her own right. SHe had so many good strengths and traits about her but I did not understand why she couldn’t see that through her own eyes for herself. when she got out of a long term relationship of 5 years with this one guy that was living out in Long Island New York she sacrificed she did everything for him, she was working two jobs while he was at home Cheating on her and play video games. After they broke it off I noticed that she had changed.It was like she was a different person.at this point in time she tried to break up our friendship and say that she no longer wanted to be friends with me because she was going through some things and that she was going away. Come to find out that she was going to Jamaica for 6 months to do some soul searching. I can’t even lie, when she was away those 6-7 months it was the happiest time of my life. I got engaged and was planning to get married. I was trying wait till she came back to get married but she extended her stay and we only had a couple more weeks to get married or we would have to pay to renew our marriage license again. So march 1st, 2010 we jumped the broom and we could be happier. Once Kandice returned to the states she congratulated and told me multiple times which was extremly awkard because her congrats seemed forced as if she was trying to convince herself that she was truly happy for me.
Two weeks before memorial weekend Kandice and I deccided to go to wildwoods in Nj. She along with a child friend Reese went along with my husband and I to kick back enjoy the beach. While we were there we happen to meet some people from our county back in NY and they invited us down to stairs to play cards and grill with them by the outdoor pool. As we all were getting ready to walk down My husband pulled me aside to have a chat, we had been arguring something serious since we had got there. Kandice and Reese decided to go down ahead of us. Time must have slipt by because my husband and I were so deep in conversation and making up we hadn’t noticed that 2 hours had passed. As we got things together after making up we decided to head for the front door of our suite and walk down. Jus as we hit the door Kandice walked in. I say “Hey” and she walked passed me if I wasn’t standing there. As Reese closed the door behind her I looked at her and asked her what was wrong with Kandice, She act as if she didn’t know what was wrong. Clearly she was upset with me about coming down with them right? Well once she came around and we had one one girl talk she explained that me getting married without her around bothered her. She would always say how she wanted a man like my husband Andy, How she wanted to now be married just like me. Another red flag went up during our vacation, she then began to make cruel references about Reese. He constantly spoke about the appreance of her feet and how she thought she wore shoes too small and also talking about her hairline and so many more horrible comments and snickers. Though once Reese came back into the room, Kandice quickly would always shout her a ” Hey Girl”. This two-face attitude made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t believe what a monster she had turned into. The car ride back to Ny was very quiet. Reese my husband and I continued to strike up a conversation and laugh and joke the whole way back to New York, It wasn’t until I notice that Candice wasn’t speaking for several hour. I didn’t want to draw any attention to her obvious pitty party and i texted her and asked her what was wrong. Her explanation was that she felt that Reese was getting ahead of herself in this new guy she was talking too and that she thought she ought to slow down. Once we arrived back and Kandice’s house and Reese pulled off, i pulled Kandice aside confronted her about all her ill comments and cruel things she has been saying about Reese. She denied that she was being cruel and just insisted that it was all just girl talk. Baffled about her response brushed it off and left it alone.Things only got worst as the years went on. Drama upon drama continued to erupt between her and everyone you could imagine around us. Everytime I seen her it was never anything good. She continued to talk about our friend Reese and it was so annoying. I began to see her for the wolf in sheeps clothing she was. People I never knew or even had a problem with began to dislike me even my own close cousin began to have issues with me and it made no sense. Anyone who seemed to be close to me started to drift away and it just didnt add up. Come to find out she was secretly spreading lies and decit just for kicks but with me she declared she was my Bestfriend. What brought our relationship to a dead end was when I got pregnant about two years after all these unfortunate situations that I just continued to over look to keep the peace. Once I told her the news she seemed excited for me but I knew she secretly resented me because of the blessings that were happening for me weren’t happening for her according to her time table. By the time my mother began planning my baby shower she volunteered to do everything with my mom. She was suppose to help my mom to do the favors the games and be the MC. Come the day she showed up late and to my surprise my mom told me she helped to do nothing. Unknowingly my m changed the MC to her singer friend Rhonda because of her flakiness. She then came up to me and asked where were the games and I then knew she was spiteful. It was clear she wasn’t happy for me. She had no enthusiasm for me through the whole shower. Several friends and family complained about her attitude at the shower. They even comfirmed she was jealous and wasn’t my friend. I then had enough, I didnt make her the Godmother of my daughter and I did tell her why I did that. I then was determined to get her out of my life. I then made up my mind and told Reese all of the things for years that Kandice had said. Reese was surprised and enraged thAt she had got a friendship tattoo. She would try to turn Reese and I against one another and I had to put a stop to her backstabbing manipulation. Reese then told me all the hurtful things she would say about me. I then put the false friendship to rest. She denide everything and flat out lied. I have to say I’m the most happy and at peace as I’ve ever been. I wish things turned out differently
15 years down the drain and all o wanted was an apology and we could of started fresh. Notice the red flags and believe someone when they show you who they are , please believe them.

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