Getting lazy?

I feel like I got really lazy lately for writing journals. I had somethings to take care of like moving and stuffs. However even after the moving, I didn’t really keep up with journals as before and I want to change that. I know writing journal everyday here might be almost impossible but I will try hard to write as many as journals possible for myself.

We had a chilly day today. I kind of feel like the weather is getting colder and colder. Despite the chilly temperature and strong wind, I decided to go out skate when I got home from work cause I know it will make me feel good and it did. Skated for about 2 hours and back home had dinner myself then shower. After that, I have been sitting at my computer doing things I haven’t done so far.

Things finally settling down here at new apartment and my life is getting back to normal. So I gotta keep move forward again!

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  1. I started writing a reading the Harry Potter books with the marauders, and I posted the prologue here. If you like Harry Potter, you should check it out!

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