Thank goodness for graduation!

Ugh earlier tonight I went to a middle school concert. For support of my baby sis one of the few relatives I keep in contact with. All I have to say is to the guy who made bleachers you suck! Those things are beyond uncomfortable! When I got back to the house, the couch felt like a bed of feathers! … This is probably a very weird thing to be talking about.

Very productive day though! Going out with a few people until I got a toddler dumped on me to babysit for a few hours which wasn’t that bad just very tiring! It was actually kinda funny because I took her to mcdonalds and this woman with short hair walked by our table and the little girl I was babysitting said and I quote:

“why is that man wearing pink? Men don’t wear pink!”

I just sat there quiet for a minute before bursting out laughing! I know that’s a horrible thing to do, but c’mon it was funny. I got on to her after we left though. So tired, I think I’ll go to bed early tonight. Seriously, the only thing keeping me awake right now is because I have Given Up by Linkin Park blasting through my headphones. Great song though!

Signing off


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