My better half

Yesterday I had a fight with my other half, I think having the same birthday has affected us in some way. We are exactly like the same person, and most of the time I love it and other times am like.. ugh!!!

After my mom passed away two years ago, my boyfriend became my life, my dedication and my 24/7 thing to do. (if that makes sense) we became so devoted to each other that now we cannot go one day without seeing each other, we go to college together, we go to the gym after school and on the weekends we go to the movies we eat out and we spent every single day together. I call him my husband when they ask about him im always like… my husband will be here in 10 min. =/ I know it sounds pretty weird but when I was around 16-17 I remember that I dreamed of a guy like him. I remember that I wanted that guy who could be my world and i could be his. And now i got him. And I couldn’t be happier….


I just wanted to share it with someone….

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