Dear Diary, I am just irritated by this whole society..i dont see any wrong in doing inter-religion marriage..Muslims, christians these are also normal human beings..there is nothing wrong with them..i don’t know why they make such a big issue for inter-religion marriage..its not case like those religions asked us to go out naked, hang with any1…be like a prostitute…sell your body..rather Islam give woman a highest status…above all…Islam is beautiful…whats wrong with these parents mann…?? I haven’t seen anything as beautiful as Islam…Islam gives you Inner beauty..It gives You some Morals…respect for yourself and others also…some worth..Islam beautifies me..I feel so good about me..Islam nevr ask any1 to backbite…nevr…It asks you to respect your parents..listen to them..Allah please change mind set of these people..please guide them to Islam…Ya Allah..Please make them understand me…He is really a nice guy..You know better than me..please…

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