Reading Book One: Prologue

This is a reading the Harry Potter books series that I started for myself, but I wanted to put it somewhere, so you are the lucky viewers.  It’s Marauders and more.  I have an OC.  her name is Nicolette Weasley, younger sister of Arthur, she’s close with the marauders and the Slytherins that will be attending and she’s in love with Snape.  I promise she is not a Mary Sue.  If you like Harry Potter, please read it and comment.  The prologue is kind of rushed, but I still hope it isn’t terrible.

It was a bitterly cold morning, not unusual for winter in England, and found two teenage boys, one with short, messy black hair, hazel eyes, and glasses, and the other with shoulder length wavy black hair and gray eyes, flying on broomsticks in the large plain behind a large Victorian style manor. In normal circumstances, this scenario would never have the chance of happening, but the be-speckled boy’s parents were Aurors and were out of town on a mission, and left the boy and his friend home alone. So naturally, they leapt at the opportunity to fly in dangerous conditions without being reprimanded.
“Oi, Sirius!” The messy haired one shouted over the roar of the wind.
“What?” The one called Sirius screamed.
“I reckon we should land, I feel bad about leaving Remus all alone.”
“Come off it, James! You know Remus hates flying, he’s probably holed up in the manor’s library like always.” James nodded in agreement.
“Still, I’m freezing my arse off, we should go back inside.”
“Alright!” His friend agreed. They both gently guided their brooms to the ground, and ran inside, sighing in relief at the warm air created by the fire in the living room. The silence was impeded by an explosion and a stream of curses that seemed to emanate from the library wing. Sirius and James shared a look of confusion before rushing into the library, expecting to find Remus, their other best friend, in a mangled condition. What they found was a small box with scorch marks on the floor and a small teenage boy who’s tawny locks were all askew.
“Remus, what happened, are you okay?” Sirius asked, helping the boy to his feet. Remus brushed the soot off him stubbornly.
“I’m fine, I’ve just been trying to get those books out of that box for the past 30 minutes!” He growled. James raised an eyebrow at the lycan.
“Remus, we know you love books, but isn’t blowing up my parents library a bit extreme?” Remus shook his head.
“Let me explain. I was sitting here reading, when I heard a loud thud. I looked up to see that box on the ground.” Remus then walked over to where the box lay, and picked it up. In it were seven hardback books, spine side up.
“I tried to pull the first one out, but it wouldn’t budge” Remus continued, “And the rest of them wouldn’t come out either. I’ve tried every spell I know, and now I’ve resorted to incinerating the box.” James examined the box.
“It just came out of nowhere?” He asked. Remus nodded. James turned the box upside down, and noticed in small print, the words, read me aloud. James complied, causing a scroll of paper to appear in front of James. He tentatively grabbed it and read it aloud to his friends.
Dear Marauders,
We have sent to you the seven books of Harry Potter, the son of James Potter. One for each school year. Harry Potter is an important person in the future. The future is fine, but there are tragic events we wish to prevent. You must read the books with the following people:
James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Frank Longbottom, Alice Smith, Lily Evans, Nicolette Weasley, Severus Snape, Regulus Black, Lucius Malfoy, and Narcissa Black. The books will not be able to leave the box until all of the aforementioned are present.
Good Luck!
The Marauders stared dumbfounded at the sheet in front of James.
“Well, that explains why these books feel like they’re glued to the bottom” Remus stated weakly. Sirius shook his head.
“This has to be joke, right, Prongs? I mean, time travel isn’t possible.” James wasn’t sure what to think.
“I wonder why Peter isn’t on this list, I mean, the rest of us are” He stated for the purpose of saying something. Remus shrugged.
“I don’t know, but he’s visiting his sick mother, and I’d hate to drag him over here while she’s in such critical condition. Anyhow, I think we should read them. They’re obviously here to help us change something, and quite frankly, after many failed attempt to get them out of that box, I’m dying to know what they’re about.” Remus said. James nodded, but Sirius let out a groan.
“But Regulus is on here! And Narcissa! Not to mention Snivellus and Lucy, who you hate, Prongs!”
“Sirius, I don’t like it anymore than you do, but what choice do we have? We can’t read without them.” James scolded slightly. Sirius sighed.
“Fine, but how do propose we contact Snape? He lives in the muggle world and we don’t know where he lives.” Remus smiled.
“But we are friends with a person on this list who is extremely friendly with Snape, not to mention the other Slytherins on here.”

Nicolette Weasley sighed as she wiped strained peas from her infant nephew’s face. Yes, she offered to babysit, but she’d forgotten how rambunctious Bill and Charlie could be. At least they were sleeping now. And Percy was just about to nod off. Nicolette made sure his crib was danger-free and promptly crashed on the couch. At last, freedom.
“Nicolette, you awake?” She opened her eyes to see James Potter and Sirius Black staring at her quizzically. Nicolette groaned.
“No! I’ve been chasing sugar-fueled toddlers all day, and I’m exhausted.” James smiled.
“You don’t even know what we’re here for” he said. Nicolette sat up and shook her head
“It doesn’t matter, I’m way too tired to fix your mess. And isn’t Remus staying with you? Why can’t Remus fix it? Oh my god, is Remus okay?” Sirius laughed.
“If you’d shut up for a minute, Weasley, you’d know that we didn’t do anything yet, and that Remus is fine”. Nicolette stuck her tongue out at him.
“So what are doing here? Missed my quick wit?” James snorted.
“As if. Remus found a set of seven books about a guy named Harry Potter, my alleged son, and we’re supposed to read them with the people on this list.” Nicolette nodded.
“So you came to get me because I’m on the list?”
“Yes, but we need you to get a few other people we can’t quite, erm, reach” Sirius answered nervously. Nicolette narrowed her eyes at him.
“Just who are these people, Sirius?” She asked.
“Regulus, Narcissa, Lucius, Snape, and Evans” he replied. Nicolette sighed.
“You’re expecting me to bring to James’s house, your brother and cousin, who you haven’t spoken to in years? Not to mention two people who hate James with a passion?”
“Lily loves me, she’s just in denial!” James piped up defiantly. Sirius sighed, with the air of someone who had heard this many times before.                                                                  “James, the girl would rather cut off her leg by hand without drugs than go to Hogsmeade with you, she doesn’t like you!” Nicolette snorted at the pout James adopted.                        “I don’t think you should laugh, Nix. After all, you’ve been wanting to be stuck in a locked broom closet with Snape since fourth year ” Sirius stated, grinning wickedly. Nicolette growled and punched Sirius, causing him to fall wheezing and clutching his stomach. Nicolette massaged her hand, her face slightly pink.                                                                “You were saying?” James was torn between laughter at his best friend’s predicament, and disgust at the reminder of his godsister’s crush on his enemy.                                                     “I still think this is a disaster waiting to happen, but I’ll do it. Let me drop the boys off with Bilius.” Nicolette said. James waved his hand at her.                                                               “Mitzi can take care of them, and that way, they’re in the house with you.” Nicolette bit her lip, unsure, but then nodded in agreement.                                                                           “Alright, you guys call Mitzi, and I’ll floo to get our favorite Slytherins and Lily.”

She reached for the floo powder on the mantle, took a pinch, and threw it into the fireplace, crying, “Number Twelve Grimmauld Place!” She stepped into the emerald flames, and waved as James and Sirius disappeared from her view, as she started spinning in the flames. She stopped and stepped out of the fireplace tentatively. She took care to be very quiet, because she knew if Sirius’s mother found her, she wouldn’t make it back alive. In fact, she hadn’t been here in years, since she was maybe 12. That why it took her a little longer than she anticipated to find Regulus’s room. She knocked softly on the door, and when it didn’t open, she slowly opened it.
“Regulus?” She whispered. A teenage boy turned his head toward her from the bed in acknowledgement. His hair was dark like Sirius’s, but barely brushed his chin, and his eyes were blue-black.
“Nicolette, what are you doing here? You’re forbidden from here!” Regulus hissed, lest his mother or any portraits from the hallway wake up. Nicolette smirked.
“I’m a rebel, Black, what can I say? I have to tell you something. The Marauders found these books from the future, and you’re on the list of people needed to read them. So will you please come to Potter Manor?” Regulus raised an eyebrow.
“I guess, it’s not like I have plans, or anything.” Nicolette grinned.
“Great! And hey, maybe you could use this as an opportunity to patch things up with Sirius.” Regulus smiled bleakly.
“I highly doubt it, but sure.” Nicolette shook her head.
“Next stop is Malfoy Manor, because we’re getting Lucius and Narcissa.” She said. Regulus’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Alright, but beware, Narcissa’s in a wedding planner 24/7 mood, and it’s really taxing.”
“I’m sure I can handle it, I am her maid of honor, remember?” Nicolette replied, as they quietly made their way to the fireplace. Regulus took a pinch of powder and whispered, “Malfoy Manor!” They stepped into the flames, and away they spun.

When they finally stopped and exited the fireplace, it was quiet.
“I’ll check upstairs, you check down here” Regulus said. Nicolette nodded, making her way to the living room. There she found Narcissa on the couch, papers scattered around her.
“Narcissa?” Narcissa was rifling through her papers and seemed not to hear her.
“Narcissa!” Nicolette shouted. Narcissa broke out of her reverie.
“Nicolette! I was just thinking about flooing you. Should I go with red roses or white roses for the wedding? On one hand, red roses are a sign of romance, but white is a sign of purity, which the pure blood elitists attending will appreciate. Then again-”
“Narcissa, stop! I promise you we’ll talk about this, but I have something important to tell you. Where’s Lucius?” Narcissa shook her head as if to clear the interruption from her mind.
“He’s upstairs working. I think I’ve been aggravating him too.” She looked rather sad, and slightly teary. Nicolette sighed and gave Narcissa a one-armed hug around her shoulders.
“Cissa, Lucius is a guy. Which means he’s more emotionally unattached. He’s probably avoiding you because he doesn’t want to think about the wedding ceremony actually happening, and your obsessive chatter isn’t helping. But he loves you, no matter what, alright?” Narcissa nodded, wiping her eyes.
“See? This is why I’m your maid of honor. Who else has the ability to bring you back from the brink of insanity?” Narcissa burst into laughter as Regulus and Lucius walked into the living room.
“What are you both laughing about?” Lucius asked. Narcissa shook her head.
“Nothing. What are you doing here, Reg?” She asked, directing her attention to her cousin.
“Didn’t Nicolette tell you?” Regulus asked. Nicolette stood up.
“I was just about to. You see, the Marauders found these books from the future about James’ son, and to read them we need everyone who was on the list. You guys are on the list, so could you come with us?” Lucius and Narcissa stared at her.
“I don’t know, Nix, I mean, we don’t get along, it sounds like bad news.” Lucius said. Nicolette nodded in understanding, and let out a big, perhaps exaggerated, sigh.
“It’s too bad, you and Alice probably have so much to catch up on.” Lucius’s eyes lit up.
“Alice is coming too? Alright, I’m in!” Narcissa rolled her eyes at her fiancée.
“Alright, but I don’t want to talk to Sirius.” She demanded.
“None of us do.” Regulus muttered, rolling his eyes. Lucius nodded in agreement, while Nicolette shook her head in despair.
“Great, but we still need to get Sev and Lily, so can you guys side-along apparate us?” Nicolette asked. The blondes nodded.
“Hold on tight. Wouldn’t want you to get splinched.” Once in position, they all turned on the spot, and disappeared with a crack.

They landed in front of a small, rundown cottage with silver shutters. Nicolette peered in the window and saw Severus Snape sitting on the kitchen counter, reading what looked to be a potions journal. She knocked on the door. It opened almost immediately, revealing a pale and thin boy with chin length greasy hair, whose dark eyes lit up for a split second, and fell as though he was expecting someone else.
“What are you lot doing here?” Narcissa rolled her eyes.
“You could at least pretend you’re happy to see us.” She said. Severus gave a crooked smile and ushered them inside.
“Mum’s at her new job and my dear father taking an, ah, catnap.” Tobias Snape was passed out on the couch, bottle in hand, and the faint smell of whiskey on him permeated the living room. Severus set a tray of glasses filled with mimosa on the small table.
“So, what’s going on?” Severus asked. Lucius stared quizzically at him.
“Nothing, what makes you think something is going on?” Severus gave him a look.
“Never have all of you come to my house at the same time, so I’ll ask again, what is going on?” Regulus spoke up.
“The Marauders were sent these books from the future, and with that, a list of people who need to be there to read them. We’re all on the list, and so are you. So we kinda came to bring you there.” Severus narrowed his eyes at them.
“Where is there?”
“Potter Manor” Nicolette responded confidently, gulping down the rest of her mimosa.
“And you thought I’d just come quietly?” Nicolette shook her head.
“No, of course not, but Sev, aren’t you the least bit curious about the future? And the note said they wanted to prevent tragic events. What if someone you cared about got killed, and you could have prevented it by coming with us. Someone like Lily?” Severus sent Nicolette his most poisonous glare. How dare she bring Lily up. He sighed.
“Alright, but those idiots better not try anything.” Nicolette laughed and gave Severus a hug.
“I’ll keep them in line, I promise.” Narcissa downed the rest of her drink.
“Okay! All we need is Evans, and we’re off!” Severus froze.
“Lily needs to be there too?” Nicolette bit her lip.
“Yeah, but, it won’t be that bad, Sev.” Severus sighed.
“I’m pretty sure it will be, but okay. You know where she lives, bring her here, and Lucius and Narcissa will apparate us to Potter’s house.” Nicolette made her way to the door.
“Cissa, come with me.”
“You’ll be able to intimidate Petunia.” Narcissa shrugged.
“Okay then.”

The girls walked past the park, and into Lily’s neighborhood. When they got to Lily’s house, Nicolette rang the doorbell. The door opened to reveal an older woman with auburn hair.
“Good morning, Mrs. Evans, so sorry to bother you, but could we borrow Lily for a moment?” Nicolette asked. Mrs. Evans smiled and opened her mouth to reply, when a piercing screech rang out.
“Mum! who’s at the door?” Petunia Evans’ blonde head poked out of the entrance to the kitchen. When she saw Nicolette, her sea green eyes narrowed. She stormed to where her mother was standing.
“What are you doing here? You are ruining brunch with my boyfriend.” She growled. Nicolette raised an eyebrow at her.
“We need to talk to Lily, and I know she’s probably miserable having to play host to your oaf of boyfriend, so why don’t you fetch her, Giraffe?” Petunia turned an unsightly shade of plum. Narcissa bit her lip, trying not to laugh, and turned to Mrs. Evans.
“Could you please get Lily? We need her for something,” she stole a glance at Petunia and grinned, “magic related.” Petunia let out a scream of frustration, and ran up the stairs, sobbing about “nosy freaks”. Mrs. Evans sighed as if this was a normal occurrence, and it sort of was, and called out, “Lily, Nicolette’s here to see you!” From the kitchen appeared a red haired teen with bright green eyes.
“Hey Nix. Oh, Mum, Dad needs your help in the kitchen.” She said to her mother. Mrs. Evans nodded and was gone in a flash.
“Thanks for ticking my sister off! What’s up?”
“Remus found these books from the future, and they came with a list of people. You, me, and Narcissa are on it.” Nicolette answered, pointing a thumb behind her at Narcissa, who waved sarcastically.
“Black.” Lily glared right back. Nicolette groaned for what seemed the tenth time that day.
“Lily, you need to come, otherwise we won’t be able to read. So, can we pick up the guys you’ll come quietly, or will we have to drag you by your hair?” Lily broke her staring contest with Narcissa and almost cracked her neck to stare wide eyed at Nicolette.
“What guys? Who else will be there?” Nicolette recited the names. Lily seemed to mull it over.
“Alright, but Potter better cool it, and don’t try to patch things up between Sev and me, it’s better this way.” Nicolette sorely disagreed, but thought it best not to argue that issue. So she simply gave a large sigh of defeat, and motioned for the girls to follow her back to Severus’ house.

The boys were lounging around chatting aimlessly when the girls came through the door. Severus looked up and tried not to smile. He waved at Lily, who waved back, but her eyes had a glassy, dull look, as if she was trying not to look at him. Severus sighed inwardly, and stood up.
“So, should we get going?” Nicolette, who’d been watching Lily and Severus’ interaction with despondency, nodded.
“Yes, Lucius and Narcissa will side-along apparate us to the manor.” Lucius grabbed Severus and Regulus by the hand and Nicolette and Lily grabbed Narcissa’s. They turned on the spot and were instantly transported to the front gates of Potter Manor. Lily and Severus gaped at it. Nicolette laughed and said the password to open the gates.
“Snitch”. They followed her to the large door. Nicolette lifted the heavy brass knocker and let it fall with a deafening clang. Not a minute later, the door opened to reveal James, grinning at them.
“Alright, you got them! Alice and Frank are already here, Remus got them. Hey, Lily, how’s your break been?”
“It was great until I saw your stupid face, Potter,” Lily growled, “I’m only here because you need me here to read some book.” Lily would have continued, but Nicolette thought it best to get started.
“Alright, calm down, Lils, I’ll lead everyone to the tea room, and we can start, how’s that sound?” Everyone nodded. When they got there, Sirius and Remus were on the two seater talking to Alice and Frank. Alice jumped up when she saw the newcomers.
“Hi Lily! Isn’t this exciting?” Lily raised an eyebrow.
“Interesting and curious, yes, exciting, no.” Alice still kept grinning and gave a reluctant Severus a hug. She then turn to Lucius and Narcissa.
“It’s great to see you guys again, how’s the wedding planning going?” Lucius gave her a dopey grin.
“Great, we can’t wait.” Narcissa rolled her eyes and nodded. She then drifted off to talk to Nicolette.
“She isn’t an awful girl, she’s really nice to me. I just can’t comprehend why I have the urge to rip her throat out.” Nicolette looked faintly amused.
“I could say the same thing about Lily. Except I know why, and it’s the same reason you do. You’re jealous. You shouldn’t be, there isn’t a logical reason to be, but you are.” Meanwhile, Sirius and James were glaring Severus when Remus spoke up.
“Snape, they’ll leave you alone, if you display the same courtesy, does that sound fair?” Severus, Sirius, and James nodded. Nicolette then made her way, with the first book in her hand, to the middle of the room and stood on the table.
“Everyone, sit down, and we can start what we’re here for.” The teens murmured their approval and sat down in the couches and chairs around the table. Nicolette opened the book to the first chapter.
“The Sorcerer’s Stone”
“I’ve read about that,” Lily stated, “it was created by Nicholas Flamel, a famous alchemist.”

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