Unanswered Questions

Coping with Marital indiscretions are so hard. Trying to start over and deciding to try to put the pieces back together, still feeling like your the fool for staying when I clearly was given the green light to go. Things that transpired prior to marriage and post, I thought I asked all the right questions in my fury. I would have respected him even the more if the infidelity was admitted to willingly instead of me stumbling upon and digging it up. What brought all of these thoughts to the surface was watching “Marriage Bootcamp”. The was a segment that had the Marriage couples hooked up to a lie detector and each spouce was suppose to ask all the questions they never were at peace with when asked in the past. I always said I wanted to do a lie detector test, it would help me come to terms with everything foul that wsd done. Since that doesn’t seem like the test would be in my near future, I have to learn to truly forgive but I won’t forget.Forgetting would makemakes a fool, wisdom says remember so I won’t allow myself to be put in the same situation. First time shame on you, next time shame on me. I am hopeful. …

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