The beginning. . .

Modern day:  I’m an early 30’s American girl with two wonderful sons.  I live in a small town, near family that I get along with some time.  I have a significant other that is more than significant.  He’s a kind, caring, loving man who for some reason puts up with and WANTS to be around me.

A short road here. . . I grew up poor, in a physically abusive and alcoholic family with two sisters.  I’m the token middle child and I’ve worn that hat very well.  I broke away from the small town when I was eighteen and ventured on my way to the bigger city.  As I go along in this journal, I’ll start writing the chapters of my life as it happened.  🙂  Once that’s established. . . I’ll move more into my philosophies and everyday trials and triumphs.  🙂  Hope you enjoy the read.

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