Am I crazy???

I haven’t been to a dr in years. My husband now works for the union and he wants me to go. I however think that they will think I’m crazy. I do have some health issues I would like resolved, or looked into. However, if I tell them everything that’s wrong, they will probably lock me up in an institution somewhere. Seeing as to how I’m only 27 and I don’t even think I should be in the shape that I’m in. So I’m gonna throw these things out there and I would appreciate your feedback.

Hmmmmm, where to start. I have frequent ear aches and headaches. I seem to think this has something to do with my jaws not working correctly. Sometimes I have to push on them to open or close my mouth. They also pop in and out of place, there are times where they kind of get stuck as well. Super annoying. I have severe pain during intercourse. My elbows, shoulders, fingers, and ankles hurt like crazy all the time. My knees crackle, it’s a wretched sound. I cannot sit on my knees, the floor, or drive for long periods of time because they hurt. I also cannot run at all, and they will give out on me from time to time, thankfully it’s only one at a time. I cannot have sex for more than a few minutes, partly because of the pain, and partly because my hips hurt. Oh, and let’s not get into the back pain, but seriously, who doesn’t have back pain. And not long ago I have noticed a lump between my breasts, directly under my sternum. It didn’t used to be there. It is hard but I can move it around like a little ball, it us about the size of a large grape.


Yup, crazy!!!! That’s what I thought too. I think I’ll put off the dr for a few more years.

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