been busy

So I’ve been very busy lately. Emma has been in and out of the er with UTIs. The doctor is talking about a renal ultrasound.  Still trying to get pregnant. Well we aren’t trying trying but we are not preventing it. But back to me kids. Hailey is coming today but is going back to her dad’s on Saturday because she is having a sleepover. I want her to be able to have fun over there once in a while. And Emma is going to freak out when she realizes she isn’t going to be here all weekend. So I got to figure something out for her to do to occupy her. Maybe she can stay at grandmas house.     Still waiting for bill to fix my sink in the bathroom,. its been a few months and there is always an excuse. It getting aggravating. Umm…Emma’s last day of school is the 29th of may. Her graduation is the 28th of may. i’m on the phone with hailey now and some girl made fun of her and now she’s sad. Her clothes are too small and short I guess.i feel so bad for her. Those girls are always being mean to her.  Hopefully she is here soon.

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