Sonya & Malcolm’s Wedding – etc….

While here on the farm in the WAirarapa, I dreamed about an empty house on a hill,

which seemed to be designated to be our home. Just as we had reached the

farm we heard that a baby girl was missing, in the area.

I looked up at the house and I had the strangest feeling that the missing child

was in our house. In the dream, we walked up the long staircase, to the front

deck, turned the key and let ourselves into the house. It had that hollow sound

which an empty house has when there’s nobody in residence, and no furniture,

kind of echo-y! David opened a door on the left; it was the loo. I turned and

walked to the first door on the right, after the front door, opening that!!

There sat a 6 or 7 month old baby, with brooms, mops and cleaning equipment

lying on her legs. She whimpered, as I picked her up!

Around that same time, I had another dream, about a woman in black, in a black

wheelchair! Hang on a mintie: I had better back up the dream sequence a little!

It began with David & I driving up State H/way 3 toward Taranaki, when we came

to a tangle of roads. We drove around in circles for a while, undecided about which

way to go: when we saw the wheelchair woman, and the two other women with her.

We stopped the car. She looked familiar, like someone I had known as a girl! When

she was close enough she said to us, (

and I quote:) “From the top of the mountain, I

saw that baby in your house.”

I had no idea at all, what these two dreams mean’t but they bothered me, for some

reason. I could remember them, so clearly, there must be something in this but I

didn’t know what??!!

The highlight of our year in Masterton was Sonna & Malcolms wedding. Malcolm

had invited a busker whom he’d heard in Wellingtons’ Manners’ Mall, to be the

musical background at the wedding. Free food, and $80 an hour. Well, the music

was fabulous!! Spanish flamenco guitar, my absolute favourite kind of music!!!

Wilton House is set in the middle of the Wilton park Native Plants and Nature

Reserve. The ceremony was conducted outside on the smooth as a bowling green,

front lawn – under the pittosporum, and ponga-tree palms, with kawakawa bushes

winding their tendrils around the ponga-tree trunks. the ideal setting for a private

wedding ceremony. The dark blue and turquoise sheen of tui birds with their white

parson-like collars, flitting back and forth across the tops of the trees, their bell-like

trills echoing above the flamenco guitar and the goings-on, beneath

(I was asked to read ‘1st Corinthians 13,’ as a benediction to the service, after

which we adjourned to the banquet hall of the House to enjoy the 4 course ‘wedding

feast’. Dan was Malcolm’s best man, and his speech was greeted by thunderous

applause and much laughter. Angie was Sonna’s maid of Honour, stunning in black,

carrying a bouquet of crimson Calla lilys.

; *****************************

David and I applied for and got, work managing a 200 cow dairy farm up in the Taranaki.

We would start in June 2005. (We applied for work in this area because of the dreams.

This was the mountain I had seen in the dream, so whatever the dreams meant would,

come clear here! I hoped.)

I forgot to mention the birth of the kittens. Trina, our eldest cat had passed away,

25 August, 2004. The kittens were born around the end of October. There were five

kittens, 2 males – whom we named Redman, and Gray-gray. (Not original I know – but they

had to have names:) and that’s what colour they were: and three females – Silvee, (d’you

wanna guess why?) and the other two girls were look-alike kittens named (Mo and Jo!)

also known as Moey and Joey.

All beautiful, all extremely affectionate – their mother Rosy was such an affectionate cat.

We took all five kittens, their mother Rosy, our two older cats Evie & TC – and our dog

Tip, with us when we moved north to the Taranaki. It was a little like moving a 3-ring circus!

– Emmi


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