This one time at walmart…

Oh my goodness you will not believe what happened today! I swear I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! Ok so after “practice” VI asked me to go to walmart with him. Usually I’d make up any excuse not to go anywhere with him, but why not? I went and I’m sure glad I did!

Our conversation!

Me: So why are we here, and why did you bring me?

VI: I have my reasons.

Both: Silence until VI picks out what case he wants and pays.

Me: That’s it?

VI: Nope, you can have this! *Farts right next to me.*

Me: That is so gross! You better be careful or you might accidently crap yourself!

VI: silent.

Me: Are you ok?

VI: I need you to take this case and go wait for me in the car. I’ll be out there in a little bit. And you will never tell anyone about this.

Me: You seriously farted so hard you crapped your pants?! In walmart! I’m never goanna let you live this down!

VI: Is already in the bathroom.

I didn’t know it was actually possible to do that! I’m a terrible person for telling everyone in the house and an even worse one for posting it online! Oh well, it’s too funny not to post!

Signing off


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