Hello, bonjour, hallo, hola, zzdrastvitye.


I just found this site, and… while I normally stray from talking about myself and hate intros, I’ve seen many do it, so I figured, why not?


My name’s Nova, I was born in the dead of Winter to a father I no longer see, and a mother I’m very close to. I have two older brothers, three younger stepsisters, and two younger halfsisters. I don’t want to let out a big secret, but one might say I’m a sort of “starseed”, coming from another planet. -chuckles-


I have an odd fascination with the sky and astronomy, I’m a huge book lover, I can’t look people in the eyes without seeing directly into their souls (no doubt), I play three instruments and also compose music and sing. I animate, and render 3D stuff. I enjoy cooking, cake-decorating, working with kinetics (i.e… electrokinesis, atmokinesis, aerokinesis, telekinesis, etc), researching, writing, spray-painting, cosplaying, and going for walks.


I spend the majority of my time on Tumblr or on YouTube watching people such as Shane Dawson, Tyler Oakley, Markiplier, The Creatures, Cryaotic, UberHaxorNova, and some other kooks I find interesting things from. I have YouTube channels, too.

I never sleep well, I’m extremely quiet and reserved, very cynical, don’t find much funny or entertaining, hate eating, don’t usually enjoy spending time near anybody, and I suffer from recurring depression, anxiety, anemia, and derealization problems. I’m also transgender. Yay for me, huh? I get to suffer on a daily basis, and it’s surprising it hasn’t killed me yet. Speaking of killing – you know, I’ve commit suicide over a dozen times, but my attempts fail me. I pass out from whatever I did to myself, I “see the light”, but in a little while, I wake up again, feeling oddly rejuvenated. Explain that, friend. Explain it.


I will let people believe as they want and choose as they want, I won’t say anything about it – but I will judge you. I will never do anything to harm a person unless they harm me, but don’t expect me to play nice and be an affectionate thing for you play with. I don’t do well with male/male relationships anymore and stick to the lovely females instead.

Most people think I’m weird as fuck, awkward, sweet-as-pie, evil, or insane. I have a mix of personalities.

I believe in gods, goddesses, life on other planets, heaven/hell/limbo – just not in the way most people would expect. I do not “praise”, I do not get on my knees like some slave to beg for something – I consult. I talk, and I ask, and if it’s not allowed, then I will say “okay” and move on.


Keep your attitude away from me, keep your religious beliefs out of my throat (“cramming religion down a person’s throat”), stay out of my head, keep a conversation going, don’t ask me to meet up with you in person or attend a party, and we’ll get along just fine.

Note: I read people very easily, and if I decide you’re not a “good person” for me, I’ll stop talking to you. I tolerate and deal with a lot of bullshit, but some people are just too much right from the get-go. No offense.


All in all, I’m depressed and don’t laugh at much, but I’ll always be kind, loyal and helpful whenever you need a hand. 😉



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  1. Hi PikachuNova, welcome!!!!
    I like your user name and profile picture. I do 3D art too 🙂 look forward to seeing your stories here!

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