Mothers Day

This is something I felt I needed to share….I Didn’t get to say goodbye to my Mom the day she died suddenly at home.I got the news at work from my brother that she would no longer be in my life. At that particularly moment something in my heart went so empty and sad that I just passed out.I woke up on my supervisors couch in her office. I could not believe that i would never see or tell her goodbye again. I did get to talk to her 2 days before she died. She ask me what kind of flowers did I like.She said she wanted to paint me a picture because she felt it her heart to paint it at that particularly time. I replied that I would like a yellow rose.I didn’t know why I said that because I don’t like roses.But it was one of my Mom’s favorite’s. Then i got to thinking after she was gone that she was painting something to give me to remember her to look at and to remember her always. It says time heals all wounds which is maybe true in a sense. But the grieving is there at times and certain days and memories of your life with that person. There are day’s I wish god would reach down and pick me up and take me to heaven to visit for a day to tell her goodbye and talk for a while and tell her I love her and hug her. There was not one thing my mother could not do. She could do about anything and she was so many things she loved to paint and she did it very well. After her burial we had to go back in the house and pack up and clean..which was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life so many memories and things that remind you of her and that she is gone. I went into the living room and there was a piece of watercolor paper on the table with a yellow rose that was almost finished. she probably died before she got to finish the painting.That painting was one of the most treasured and special thing’s my mother ever gave or bought me.I cherished it and put in a beautiful frame and took it with me always. Somehow or someway I lost the painting and it just about crushed my heart in pieces when i lost it most likely moving. But life goes on and the memories of her sitting there and painting that rose for me will ever be in my heart and memories. I love you Mom and miss you everyday.This year for some reason I have missed you like crazy. Thank you for being a awesome mom and all the things you taught us and done for us. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY…. In heaven with Dad, Sis, aunties and many more.

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  1. I am not a mom but i do have a lot of nieces and Nephews that think of me as Mom:) You have good Sunday:)

  2. Thank you pinkrose:) I was 28 when she died.Its been many years but you never forget your Mom no matter what happens.And mothers day is hard for me so I get though but life goes on and I will someday see her soon:)

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