Went out today, to get away from the morons in my household. And of course, to spend alone time with Mom. Happy mother’s day to any moms out there!

During my shopping heist, I acquired a telescope. I’ve wanted one since I was a little kid, to feed my fascination with the sky/stars, so I could see them up close. Well, I’m very thankful for it, but it’s by Vivitar. Need I say more?

Vivitar makes very cheap products. Very cheap. I have a Vivitar camcorder thing, and it’s made out of the cheapest plastic ever, doesn’t focus on anything (neither does the telescope), the screen is tiny so you can’t even see what you’re recording… Not simple. Vivitar’s catchphrase thing is something about making things easy – easy to be pissed off because their products are absolute shit?

However, because I wanted a telescope and it was only $25, I figured I’d give it a chance. Maybe I’m just not used to it. Maybe… it’s really that cheap. Maybe places 30 metres away are just too close, somehow. Poppycock.

I have it on 20x, the lowest zoom in setting, and everything is really blurred out and impossible to see. Like what… why would you sell something so crappy? Oh well, I’m not going to complain. It’s Mother’s Day, and my mom took her own money and time, to buy this thing for me.

I also got two books – one being a sort of sequel to another book I have never finished, but love (this was when I was out of the read-books-all-the-time swing and couldn’t concentrate). The Shadow of the Wind, and now I have The Prisoner of Heaven, which has a character who’s grown up in the second (or third?) book. It’s really interesting, I just… couldn’t finish it at the time. Plus, if I spend too long a time trying to read a book (like… I’m talking 6+ months), then I’ll get really tired of carrying the same book around, no matter how interesting it is, and will often quit and start another one. This has resulted in about 8-10 incomplete books. Shame on me!


Acquired a housecoat. I like housecoats to a small, very specific degree, see… I got a fluffy, big-ass red housecoat from a Christmas Hamper 2 or 3 years ago, and my god, I hated it. Yeah, I was grateful, but shit, it was huge and it made me look like I was 300lbs. While I’m not stick-thin, I’m not huge, either, and don’t need something like that to make me feel like I am. So, I gave it to my mom. And now, I have a thinner, dark grey housecoat – ladies, but… the mens’ section of Value Village (favourite store, don’t judge) has no housecoats, and I wasn’t going to ask my mom to spend $50 on a brand new thing from some high-end store.

Is that it? I think that’s it. Well, anyway, I’m making this public, because someone might find my stupid antics and odd form of writing/communication interesting. And, I might just make some friends, who uh… find me interesting enough to actually come to me.

Don’t hesitate – I need more friends, and while it’s hard to connect, I do need, for real, more friends. I only talk to one now. Sometimes two. So, come to me, my friends! I don’t think there’s a way of contacting people on here, except through comments, so come follow me on Tumblr, grandmaaleks. Or,
I’m giving you the custom domain link, because I like to change my url a lot, and that link will take you to my blog no matter what I change the url to. Or check out art on dA. Orrrr follow me on Twitter @PikachuNova orrrrr… xD Aha. Sorry, I just really want more people to talk to…. Or, you can add me on Facebook, but not until we’ve spoken a few times.

Farewell, reader and strangers of awesomeness.



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