So last weekend started off hellish and remained hellish, that’s why I didn’t bother airing out all my grievances. Let’s just say there is nothing in this life that will test your every way possible as your own kids. They will test your patience, your mind, your will and sometimes will push you to the very edge of sanity. But no matter what you love them unconditionally and they you. I should have known that my oldest would be even more hard headed and hot headed at his father and of course my youngest is more stubborn than I am. To be honest with myself that is the reason that my potty training him isn’t working because he is more stubborn than me. FML, right. I’m taking his diapers away tomorrow, all day( this is definitely going to be very messy), but it has to be done. He will get it only at bedtime, I’ll tackle that one later.

As for this weekend..oh.. joy! I started my weekend with freaking grocery shopping. One thing you have to know about me I hate grocery shopping and everything that goes with it. Now Scott(my boyfriend) hates it too and absolutely refuses to go. I’m lucky to get him to go with me 1 time all year. So if I don’t go, there will be no food in the house to cook. Yes I cook we maybe eat out once every 3-4 months. Since I live in the sticks (literally) and I live with boys who is twice sometimes 3 time more  than  I do. I shop at Sams Club and that place is always packed every day especially on the weekends. So I stocked up, then had to rush home so I could start lunch, because I know that since Scott ate a late breakfast, there was no way he was going to feed the boys by noon. My kids aren’t going to ask for food unless they are famished. They are too use to me knowing what time breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So they always opt for me when it comes to cooking. Scott isn’t a bad cook but he’s doesn’t exactly cook well balanced meals. He’s all about red meat. So of course the rest of the day consisted of the usual house hold chores and around 6 pm I was finally able to relax for an hour. Sunday on the other hand was totally frustrating. Since we have been financially struggling I told Scott I didn’t want anything for mother’s day and that we would just do something at his mom’s. Kinda kill two birds with one stone kind of thing. So when I woke up I wasn’t expecting anything but I was expecting at least a Happy Mother’s day out of my kids and out of Scott. But of course I didn’t get it. Know what I got instead?sink full of dishes and laundry. I gave him all day to say it and nothing. Talk about feeling under appreciated. I’ve been working on controlling my temper and honestly this weekend has tested me. I didn’t lose my temper but I think that I’m getting use to bottling up my feelings. I know that it’s not good to do that but short of purposely starting a fight with him it’s easier to just bottle it all up. But today definitely showed me that he does not appreciate all the things I do.  

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