Last night

I guess I am always a Debby Downer lately, But yesterday when i picked my son up from daycare they said that he was complaining of a headache didnt think much of it. Later that night he developed  a fever so we went to the er. This was the 4th time I have been to the ER in the last two weeks.

Anyways we waited for hours while my son was throwing up had a fever of 102.8 and a headache, when we were finally seen they worked fast and it was only Strep throat, but i was so frustrated that it took so long.

When they finally saw us we had to get xray’s done and since he is only 4 i had to go with him, the first thing they ask a woman when they take you to those rooms is “is there any chance you can be pregnant” and my heart just broke as i told her no, in my head im going crazy trying to stay calm im there for my son and i dont want him to see me break down while he is sick. But I was suppose to be pregnant it has only been a week since i lost the baby and it just brought back hard feelings ontop of having a sick child. Last night sucked.


I cant wait until i am my old happy self again, i miss always smiling and laughing and being the bubbly person that got me my nick name. I use to giggle and laugh and joke like a little kid even though im an adult, i miss it the pure joy of happyness.

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