Oh my, what can I say? XIII is beyond amazing. He’s so nice and funny. One of the few guys here that aren’t complete jerks. He helps me with my writing and out in the garden and he doesn’t make fun of me because I’m scared of thunder!

Brown hair, green eyes, nice smile and…I like him so much! But I can’t tell him what if he doesn’t like me back, then what happens? But everything about him is so cute and amazing. His tight hugs, his cooking is the greatest thing ever! The way he tugs on his shirt when he gets nervous and it’s so cute when he blushes! Am I starting to sound creepy?

I am a girl so of course I’m going to notice his body and man is it hot! I just happened to be walking by the window while he was getting in some extra “practice” with his shirt off. I could’ve fainted right there.

His best friend VIII saw me and has been making fun of me all day. And he’s been giving hints to XIII! Things really didn’t help when XIII forgot to bring a clean pair of pants to change into when he got out of the shower and was walking around in smiley face boxers looking for some! They were like swim trunks so it was ok. That’s actually normal around here.

VIII: kept saying things like “you better be careful walking around in boxers you might give SOMEONE a nosebleed.” Or, “didn’t you tell me the other day that you’ve never been kissed? Why don’t you practice on XIV here? I bet she’ll help you.”

You have no idea how badly I wanted to punch him. Could things possibly get any more complicated?

Signing off


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