Into Africa

Had a very good day today after an exhausting flight.  Wrote the whole post and then forgot to save it, so this will be brief. : (

Our hotel is very nice, and rooms are well -appointed. There are a couple of cute little terriers on the grounds and some noisy roosters. Breakfast was great.  We left at 8:45 for the Cape of Good Hope park and trekked up the mountain to the lighthouse where the views were gorgeous.  It was so windy that I lost an earring and nearly blew off the path several times.  When we returned to the van and were sitting waiting for the rest of our group, a large baboon opened the passenger door and hopped in. They are not friendly, and I jumped up and opened the sliding door so that he would jump out.  Thank goodness he did. He was very large.  It gave us a lot to talk about the rest of the day.

before lunch we visited the guest house where volunteers stay when they are brought by their colleges for volunteer work.  There are numerous opportunities here, especially for elementary education majors. Tomorrow we will visit Grannies Against Poverty and AIDS, which is a group that supports older women who have become mothers to their grandchildren after the parents die of AIDS.

This afternoon was spent at the District 6 Museum. District 6 was a geographical area in CT where people from all cultures got along beautifully. In the 1960’s, Apartheid forced out all of the residents and moved them to ghettoes.  The museum has survivors of District 6 give the tours, and it was fascinating to get a personal perspective on Apartheid instead of a political one.

After the museum, we took a ferry ride out to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela and others were imprisoned during Apartheid.  It was very interesting. The tour was given by an ex-prisoner.  Dinner followed at a great restaurant on the Waterfront. Think Pier 39 on steroids.  Wine is plentiful, delicious, and cheap.

Must get off to bed. My group is great.  So far, so good, but I am missing family and friends.

Will write again soon.



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