Lazy days

Honestly, nothing too interesting happened today. The weather was bad and after “practice” nobody really felt like doing anything. Just one of those days I guess. I spent most of the day reading Edgar Allen Poe my writing inspiration and listening to music. Seriously, my music preference changes all the time. I can go from blaring Black Veil Brides and Linkin Park to jubyphonic and everything in between, all in one day.

II invited me downstairs to watch a movie with him and everyone else. Steven Kings It was the choice. I think I’m the only person in the world who isn’t scared of clowns. Everyone was freaking out about the photo album in the beginning while I’m sitting there curled up under a blanket, eating popcorn and quoting the movie, “we all float down here!”

IX was screaming almost the whole time and kept begging everyone to turn on the lights. I told him he didn’t have to stay and watch, but then it thundered really loud, he screamed like a girl, hid under his blanket and said he wasn’t going anywhere by himself. I’m not making fun of him for being scared of thunder, I kind of am too. Like I said, nothing super exciting happened, maybe tomorrow?

Signing off


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