Into Africa

Our third day in Cape Town.  Rainy and cold, but fun, nevertheless. No baboons in the van today!  We did visit Boulders Beach and got to see the penguin nests and penguins with their babies.  They are so funny.  We then attempted to take the cable car up to Table Mountain to see the view, but the clouds were so low that we couldn’t go. We hope to go tomorrow.

After the penguins, we went to Greenmarket Square and shopped the stalls.  We picked up trinkets for family and friends and had fun bartering with the stall owners.  After lunch, we headed to see the staff and kids at Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS, and their after-school program. The kids were fun.

The highlight of the day was learning to prepare a Malay dinner with a local woman named Jasmine. She was delightful, the food was good, and we had a ball with her.

Off to the vineyards tomorrow!

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