My kryptonite

Spiders. You’re talking to someone who has been attacked by dogs, walked around with a huge snake around their neck, back in high school, walked a mile to school in the middle of a tornado. And yet I’m terrified of spiders…and has globophobia, but we’re not talking about that. Don’t you judge me!

Last night, well about three this morning I was going to my bedroom to get ready to go to bed, I turn on the light and see a huge spider on the wall! I’m not exaggerating this thing could take up all the space in the palm of my hand if that makes sense. I was so scared I couldn’t kill it. It was like it was staring into my soul.

So I went to the room next to mine, IV room and figured I’d sleep in there. He woke up and got mad at me for coming in there. What a bo benie! I told him that the only way I was leaving was if he killed the spider. Yey he killed it! But was mean to me all day today just because I got scared and woke him up. It’s not my fault spiders scare me!

Signing off


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