When I get frustrated

I eat when I get frustrated like today I ended up at the buffet restaurant eating my ass off lol. It actually wasn’t a big deal. I have been having that for years now. However, every time when I get rejected for better opportunity that I want, I get frustrated little bit. I just need to do something to get over it so I eat.

The good thing is that I already got over and moving on to other opportunities. Hopefully one day, I will get what I want 🙂

The weather this week has been kind of horrible. It’s got cold again and raining/cloudy all day. It sucks cause I can’t go out to lake for skating or running. I get a feeling that I’m gonna gain some weights this week.

About to start my second part of the day. I got one project to finish up and couple emails to send out to help out someone who wants to make website like this. I guess that’s pretty much it for tonight.

I don’t know if you see it or not but just you know my journal is kind of messy always lol

3 thoughts on “When I get frustrated”

  1. Hey Cali Dream.

    We are the opposite. I tend to eat less when i’m frustrated. LOL. But hey, it is okay to eat a lot as long as you do regular exercise. 🙂

    Take care xx

  2. Hi Zuze, thank for the comment!
    I really want to turn this thing around so I could use work out for stress relief but it’s kind of hard to do then just eating my ass off lol

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