Shutting your pen15 in the door?!

Yes, that actually happened and yes, it was my fault. So today started out REALLY boring. The weather was bad so we couldn’t go outside, the TV wasn’t working, we were bored with all our movies. So pretty much all we did was stare at each other until about one. The I came up with a terrible idea. It sounded like fun at the time!

I’m a big Jordan Sweeto fan, such a great youtuber and one of my favorite videos of his is finish my sentence. Where he starts a sentence and you fill in the blank. His was I decided it would be a really bad idea too… So I thought why not stick to that? The rules were everyone has to take at least one turn, if you chicken out you have to lick the bottom of the toilet seat. The first person would say hey (insert random persons name here) I decided it would be a really bad idea to… and whatever they said you had to do it.

So things were going pretty well, nothing to bad. Just shaving off your eyebrows, getting your armpit hair waxed, hitting your forehead against the wall as hard as you can (I had to do that one) Put a small rubber duck in your mouth that’s been in VII dirty underwear and so on.

Then things started going wrong. Secretly we all think II can be a real d!ck sometimes so XII said, quote: Hey II I decided it would be a really bad idea to shut my pen15 in the door! We all knew he’d do it, II hates to lose! I covered my eyes, I really don’t need to see that. By the girly screaming and everyone in the house chanting do it! Do it! I assume it was pretty funny. Now, I feel guilty. At least nobody went to the hospital!

Signing off


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