Horrible Birthdays

Dear Mr.Ice,

I wanted to write about that one time I was really depressed and thought no one cared about me, but then I realized that was a horrible idea and that you wouldn’t enjoy it at all. So, I decided to write about my worst birthdays ever.

On my fourth birthday, I jumped right off the trampoline and smashed into the shed. It really hurt, as well! Head first… However, my family stood there and laughed. Bastards.

My seventh birthday, my fish died. My cousin (George) thought it would be a brilliant idea to through the fish on the roof right in front of me, and make me watch the birds eat his dead body. Uh, yeah, never got over that one.

My tenth birthday, I was made to fight with George and someone else in a few rounds of wrestling. Now, I was a rather small child, and they were both around sixteen. That day, I ended up with more bruises and cuts than you could imagine.

Looking back through that, I have a horrible family. I’l go buy that ice-cream now… How do I end this? Oh yeah, that’s all for now.

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