My Saturday Diary

My diary for Saturday! I suppose to go out last night with John but instead I passed out cause I woke up way to early for the doctors appointment lol Sorry to him but I felt really good when I woke up in the morning from good sleep. Up around 10:00 AM and the first thing I did, I went out for running for about an hour. My left knee were having pain while I was running so I had to slow down couple times. I’m little scared about this which makes me wanna go see a doctor to make sure my knee will be good for me to run for at least 30 more years.

Back home, stopped by at Bank of America to close my account cause my student account finally end with them and I don’t wanna pay for the account I really don’t use at all. Got chicken for lunch after then went to gym for swimming. Did it about 30 mins cause I got tired from not doing swimming for a month. Back home around 3:30 PM from the gym then I went out again for skating. Completed my usual skating route that usually takes about an hour. Got back home around 5:30 PM. Took a shower and doing laundry as well.

Don’t have any projects due this weekend so I will just gonna enjoy the rest of weekend as well.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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