He is just so cute…

Dear Mr.Ice,

I’m sorry if that isn’t your name… I kinda forgot it. Nothing has happened, except from the fact that I have eaten over a ton of sweets in the past hour. I am beginning to think I really am not an adult. Llke, at all.

Am I really that immature and childish? I don’t think so… Just because I like cute things, ice-cream, toys and stuff like that doesn’t mean I can’t be serious. Anyway, enough with the depressive stuff!

So today, I baked a cake. It was good. Vanilla. I also had a vanilla milkshake with ice-cream in it. But, don’t worry! I also had normal food. Like steak… And mash… I think that was it?

A few weeks ago, I went out adventuring with my little brother. He’s fourteen, and is sooooooooooo cute. I don’t even care if I get called a pedo, he is really cute. Sadly, he looks almost nothing like me (except for the blue and green eyes). Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I have central heterochromia. I think it’s pretty common, and my eyes change from green to blue to a light hazil colour every now and then, too.

I just got a new computer. I may or may not have broken the last one… This one is realy loud, and is having a massive hissy fit. Drama queen.

I guess I will get back to writing… That’s all for now!

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