Into Africa

Much too tired to blog last night. We had a very busy day yesterday. We still didn’t get to Table Mountain for the lovely vista – even though the weather finally cleared, the top of the mountain was still under cloud cover. We did go to several nice wineries in the Cape Region – and I have to say that the Sauvignon Blancs were the best I’ve had. After the second winery, we had a nice lunch in the third, overlooking a yard where the baboons played (we didn’t get too close, mind you). The fall colors at the vineyards were out in full, the sun came out, and we enjoyed the beautiful grounds at each winery.

While at the vineyards, we picked up some wine, cheeses, and chocolate for dinner. Shirley, the innkeeper at the Afton Grove, fixed us a lasagne dinner, where we relaxed and supplied wine and cheese. After packing, we were off to bed and up at 4:30 this morning.

After a two hour flight to Durban, we met our new driver, Peter, and drove 3 hours by van to St Lucia, a little town on the estuaries. We ate a quick take away lunch, and spent several hours with Miriam from the UK, who also works for Africa Impact here in St Lucia. There are numerous opportunities for service learning in the communities here. They operate a full service (almost – deliveries only if the mother can’t make it to hospital) clinic and several “crèches” (nursery schools) with reading readiness programs. They also have a nutrition program, health education program, and girls after-school program, which could give Health Promotion, Nursing, and Elementary Education students at LC a combined opportunity for service learning. I am really excited about the possibilities for our students.

After touring the neighborhood projects, we went on an estuary cruise in the hopes of seeing hippos and crocs. Only three hippos and no crocs. Oh, well, maybe we’ll cross paths with one this evening or tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we make the drive to Thanda nature sanctuary and will tour community projects in the surrounding communities as well as go on a game drive tomorrow evening. I will not have internet access for a day or two, but can receive texts for free, so please send messages letting me know what you’re up to.

i miss home. Oh – and I had bacon, banana, and garlic pizza for dinner.

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