Suicide letter

Dear diary, I have never been more happier, I have never been more at peace. Today I am pulling the plug, I can no longer fight anymore but for the first time in my life I finally feel like everything will be better and it will because all this agony will come to an end . I tried and tried but nothing worked nothing helped. I don’t want to be one of those people who are suffering in pain 247….It hurts and no one should ever live like this. Why is it ok to put a wounded animal out of it’s misery  but not ok  for humans ?  pain is pain. This week I did a few things I always wanted to do and ate all my favorite foods… I apologized to people  I  have hurt  and spent some time with a few of the most important people in my life. This is it. I am not sad I am happy and finally relaxed. Maybe when I am gone they will understand.  

3 thoughts on “Suicide letter”

  1. It will get better! you don’t need to end life to make it better. Live a little longer, do things YOU want to do, do things that make YOU feel happy and relaxed.
    Don’t leave this world, you’re not alone, trust me.

  2. we should spent everyday like it was the last day. you do it right, just have to do more
    keep going
    get something to do, music? art? whatever
    talk with me. I was here because I feel so low and want to share it too
    don’t give up

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