Writing about my typical day

Don’t really have much to write. This is because I do pretty much same thing everyday. Work all day, some work out, and more computer stuffs at home. I just try to write down things I did today to keep in track and try to come up with better plan for tomorrow.

The weather was beautiful today, over 80 degrees on day time but it’s got rained at night. Today, I went to pick up the bike from my friend place. I drove to my friend place and we biked to my place for about 40 mins then we took a bus back to get my car back after having huge dinner at pizza place.

Today, I realized that I haven’t ridden a bike for over 8 years and forgotten about how fun it is. Now that I got a bike, I will probably go on bike at least once a week. I’m very excited about it.

This week, I don’t have a lot going on. Just have on on going project that I have been waiting for the response for weeks. It seems like a good time to organize my personal projects to see how am I going to spend my free time productively.

I and my friend talked about life and future little bit on the bus ride. It didn’t really get into any answers as usual. We just know we want to be successful but not really sure how even with a plan cause we know plans do not always work out as it intended. Well it just got me think about things I have done and I want to achieve.

The bottom line is that I still have lots to accomplish and I won’t give up till I get all that!

Goodnight everyone.

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