feet are in the water

I needed a place to put my thoughts Maybe to relive the little details. Maybe to brag. Confess…?

The short story is I’m cheating On my fiance.

There’s a lot of back story. We’ll get to that in bits and pieces.

It’s not the first time I’ve cheated on him..but it’s the first time I know what I want, how I want it and how to do it right. Heh I’ve certainly messed up in my day man I tell ya that social network can be a bitch sometimes. Anyways…a little back story on me and the man we’ll call him keatsu. When we first met As usual things were great in the beginning. We were inseparable. We had sex multiple times a day. He and I, we’re both clingy needy people things worked.

Obviously until they didn’t. It was somewhere before I got pregnant that things slowed down enough for me to complain. I crave sex. I might be addicted. I don’t know. I think about it constantly. I have brief or lengthy , depending on my level of attraction and arousal, thoughts of having sex with most people I come into contact with. I mean not any Joe schmoe I have to find something attractive about them. A scent. The eyes.the hands..maybe I imagine them wrapped around my throat or perhaps I imagine their fingers buried inside me.  Just writing about it turns me on… I think about sex all day.

So when things slowed down I was so frustrated. Masturbating got old. I put an ad up on craigslist. I just wanted someone to go down on me. Why not right? Anyways I played it safe went with an older gentleman married wanted no reciprocation didn’t care how long I took. Mmmm my God that man was good. I literally laid there smoking a blunt receiving some of the best oral sex I’ve ever had. Another thing keatsu doesn’t do… Not only that but he isn’t really into receiving either and that’s just so frustrating. Anyways so that happened over a year ago. Since then I’ve had my child we’ve redecorate the apt Settled into the good ole routine. It’s boring.the same thing happens every night. I’m bored

I took the web again met someone on craigslist again went to his house we smoked a joint  and then got to it. That man had a fantastic body. His cock wasn’t as big as keatsu but in my opinion that’s not a bad thing. Anyways we ended up having sex twice that afternoon which was nice and I didn’t get off..I usually don’t..I was still so aroused when I got home I told keatsu I’m only asking if we can have sex because it’s going to happen no matter what.and so we ended up having some really great hard rough sex. I did get off. Keatsu is one of the only three sexual partners I’ve had be able to get me off during sex just with the sex no Other stimulation. The other two ok.my managed too do it once. Keatsu manages to do it about once a month. I like that. We do have sex very infrequently but over time it’s gotten better and longer not the normal shorter and boring. I just need it more than once every few weeks. And I know he’s not cheating.he’s seriously not like that.you can practically smell the loyalty. Anyways.so I pretty much opened a flood gate. That man satisfied a need but awakened a deeper hunger….

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  1. hi i see this is a old post but not seem anyone has commented on it so hope you don’t mind me doing so.
    I have the same problem that you have on needing sex more offen I need to masterbate at least 2 or 3 times a day some times more. And like you I get just as turend on when meeting new girls ok not every girl has something I find atractive but most are in some way.
    I not married or in a serious relationship now. however I do understand where you coming from.

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