Money served me well today

He complains about stupid shits again as soon as he saw my face. This is a man who will never stop nagging, and will Never grow up enough to act his age even until the day he dies. Money, money, and money…..if you complain about not having enough money then don’t waste what you “don’t” have to beer, and cigarettes, asshole. As soon as I placed a stack of cash on the table, his mouth stopped running. He wouldn’t even say anything when I try to push him to say more. Pfft! How “noble” of you. If you have the time to sit there and say dumb, useless shits why don’t you try doing something about it for a change? Know where you stand and at least try to act your age you piece of shit. Even I’m embarrassed for someone who’s over 50 and still act this way…..

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