the water is getting higher

somehow after that time keatsu  seemed to have found his sex drive again. so for a couple weeks there  was a sexual spark.  spontaneity.  it was nice… and short lived..


this time I decided I wasn’t going to wait until I couldn’t stand it.  my sexual appetite was increasing. I didn’ t even think it was possible.I found myself considering s three some with two guys.  straight couples groups of men.  Another ad  on craigslust  hehe  led me to a cute nineteen year old.  who dominated me like I was a shrimp.  omg.  he pulled my hair her choked me he whispered fantastic things in my ear.   and after that night I decided to join Ashley Madison.

At first I didn’t have any pictures. I hardly ever take selfies. So began the fun process of getting dolled up and taking sexy pics for my profile. In case anyone reading doesn’t know Ashley Madison is a site designed for people looking for an affair or a fling

I put up a pretty provocative profile picture cropped my face out of course and let the floods of messages roll in. There were SO MANY old men I mean like pushing or over fifty.not my cup of tea. The man with the fine body his name was Mike he was forty. The nineteen year old is also named weird. Anyways I chatted with a few dudes but nobody caught my interest beyond being attractive.I mean the men on Ashley Madison post it all. Cock, full body some even have images if them with other women. I’ve seen more dick than a porn star in the last month ok. So about a week after joining I decide to use the full site instead of the mobile one and at the bottom of the screen it showcases four random nearby men. Always changing. One definitely caught my eye…

So I sent a wink. Got a message back and access to his private photos. I liked what I saw. We exchanged another message or two before I gave him my personal costs the guys money to send messages. But for women it’s free. So we emailed back and forth a couple times. He told Me his name was John. I don’t know why but I gave him my number and we started texting. Two days later we arranged to meet.

I had a place we could decide if we wanna fuck at some point. So we did we talked smoked as joint. It was just to meet. Before we parted ways we kissed. He’s an excellent kisser. Totally turned me on.not to mention he’s very attractive. So that was that. We texted back and forth after and then I waited until the next day. I got a good morning text. I get one everyday now actually. I know the line between dangerous and fun…I love riding it like it’s a big cock.

Right now it’s just friends that flirt chat send pics back and forth. We met up a second time for a frolic through the forest. That’s when I really got to get my hands all over his body. His cologne his kiss his skin omg enough to send me over the edge. I got his shirt off and he got his hand down my pants. It felt amazing. I gave him head which he thoroughly enjoyed. I can’t wait to have sex with him. He sent me a pic of himself with his dick hard.I had to relieve myself after.


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