fuck life

ughhhhh. I’m so done with everyone. my boyfriend is being a p*ssy and won’t stand up for himself so instead he gets all sad and down and when i go get his best friend to try and cheer him up his “best friend/brother” turns away and says football is more important and he goes and hangs out with other people instead of playing football. so now I’m pissed and to top it all off my mom won’t let me hang out with friends tonight just cuz “my room isn’t clean” when it clearly is. she also says that she doesn’t want me to go so she can spend time with me but in reality whenever her mom is here she totally ignores me and she’s here visiting until october. and to top that off everyone can’t stop pointing out my scars. they all give me weird looks and I’m sick of it!!! i just wanna punch someone

2 thoughts on “fuck life”

  1. Hey, it’s not the end of the world yet! Don’t give up on people just because they’re momentarily down. Think about it! Stress caused by everyday problems can hinder even the strongest of people. Have you asked your boyfriend why is he like that? Maybe you could cheer him up even just for a bit! Or what about your mom? Surely she could have some problems of her own and couldn’t tell these to you herself. Ask her why isn’t she spending any time with you like what she said and the things that could be bothering her.

    *gives you a cookie* 🙂

  2. hey i agree with shailei just be patient its a phase. & about those scars girl i can’t relate, the thing is that people don’t understand… they don’t understand that we are survivors of life and that we are strong. so don’t be ashamed we all have a history. & your boyfriend just try to be in his shoes and figure out what would you have wanted?

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