As A small child we are read stories that seemingly always have happy endings where good trumps evil and the good guy always gets thier happy ending but what we dont realize is that happy ending is really just a story stopped at a point where there is a pleasing moment in someones life and that in real life the pages would continue turning after that and the story seems to end but the truth is the story never really ends and that character would have more downfalls directly put in thier path. Life doesn’t have an ending it more so has little moments of happiness that you have to hold on to so you can make it through the endless trials that will inevitably bring you down or pull the strength out of you and push you through. Being a survivor for some people is just a never ending story, some people are pushed to thier limits every day and some people just don’t have it in thier genetics to give up when they fall flat on thier face. I am one of those people. I am the person living in a soap opera and ironically a person with a very similar name to a soap opera character, does that mean I was destined to have a life of quiet desperation and seemingly endless trauma and pain, I dont know all I know is people like me were brought up to survive even when the tides of reality shove us down and keep bringing us up again for tiny bits of air before we are shoved back down again. I am not one to say I am not blessed with those moments of happiness because I am, the reality is though that the tide will always come back again and We have no choice but to keep struggling for air and keep up the endless fighting for the life we want, the life we need and find a way to have value in ourselve when no one and nothing else does. The truth of it all is, there are no happy endings more so happy beginnings and moments of clarity that define who we are and who we will be.

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